Thursday, April 29, 2010

Been a while

It has been a while since I have blogged on here I need to try and keep it up. I have too many interests and trying to keep up with them is a chore.
I am getting ready to do a scrapbook for my grandson as he will graduate from high school in May.
I am so proud of all my grand kids and how they have grown up into wonderful young men and women. I am going to try and keep up here if I can figure out how to put 72 hours in a day.
On Wednesday I went to the lovely town of Park Hill , Missouri to visit my granddaughter and
my grandson. My daughter went along with me and we all went out to eat at Rock Cayon Pizza.
Boy that was a trip back in time, as they had the very thin crust pizza. What a wonderful place to eat.
We then walked up the hill ,that is how it got it's name, and visited some of the shops then come down the hill and visited more shops and at the Country Peddler store I could of spent hours but
when you have a two year old boy you try not to go past his patients. He was very good and I was so proud of him . Well till next time do something fun with your family.

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