Friday, September 9, 2011

Sew sew much has happened in the last little bit. Well at least since I blogged last. I lost that grandson I made the scrapbook for to a horrible accident. We miss him a lot. Matt was 18 and ready to go to college in about a month.

My mom passed this last May Thursday before Mother's day and I miss her so much.
I have a great granddaughter Who was born on July 23rd her name is Ella and she is a doll.
I have a great grandson from another granddaughter he will be four this november his name is DJ and he started pre pre school this year. They are the apple of grannies eye I can tell you I will try to post a picture of both of them .

What have I been working on baby things because not only do I have a new great granddaughter but Art's granddaughter is due to have a baby boy on or about Oct. 23. I have made Ella a quilt , dress. burp pads and an aphgan . So now I am working on the baby boy things.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a great morning

Here in Kansas this morning it has rained and I am sure cooled things down a bit. We have been in the process of getting the house repaired from a hail storm in April . This last week they finally got the siding on . The roofers were to start yesterday or today but because of the rain today it will be tomorrow . It is such a process to go through and I do not envoy any one going through it.,

I have a great granddaughter due any day now ,and I am so excited. Her name will be Ella and I have made her several things have one more to do but am not finding the time to do it.
Hope all have a great day.